Deliver measurable value to your patients, care teams, and leaders.

Our value-based medication management platform integrates your clinical best practices into a technology-based solution to manage your high-risk patients. This enables you to replace high-cost acute care with lower-cost preventative care that improves clinical and financial outcomes.

Transform care plan execution from intermittent review to real-time post-acute care delivery through patient engagement.

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Reduce total cost of care

Proactively reduce the costs of nonadherence to care plans, including ER visits and hospitalizations.

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Increase engagement, satisfaction, and health

Make it easy for patients to virtually engage and adhere to their care plans.

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Deliver positive clinical and financial outcomes

Implement a value-based care model that delivers real-time, actionable insights.

compliance to therapy
adherence to doses prescribed

In all doses administered in the third quarter of 2020.

Compliance is the measurement of a patient taking medication as prescribed.

Adherence is the measurement of actual medication taken by the patient in a given time frame.

“Dosentrx’s platform allows me, as an interventional pharmacist, to address patient needs in real time and have a bigger impact on their lives.”

Paula H.

PharmD, RPh, Director of Pharmacy

Choice Specialty Pharmacy