About Us

Patients. Precision. Persistence.

Driving innovation of treatment care plans.

We exist to alleviate patient burden and give patients their lives back through full-service, digitized therapy platforms.

As the creator and developer of ReX, the only all-in-one oral dispensing medication wrapped in a customized digital therapy program and remote care management system, we empower healthcare organizations to engage patients while they are active in their treatment. The centralized system supports everyone in the care team, making patients’ lives easier by increasing adherence, delivering insights and facilitating intervention in real time, enabling communication and support between patients and their care team and improving trust and outcomes for all.

This is the future of Remote Specialty Pharmaceutical Care.

Rex therapy management system

Our Story

Dosentrx was born out of a commitment to easing the burden and stress faced by chronic disease patients through state of the art, innovative treatment plans. With our 30-plus years of combined experience in healthcare and technology, we’re here to improve quality of life, trust and outcomes.

It all started with Mark and Natan, founders of ThreeWire, a twice-sold company that helped pharmaceutical companies expedite their specialty drugs through clinical trials with more efficient operations. Over 12 years, they saw the same patients, using the same medications and they saw first hand that there were real gaps in support and communication between patients and the care team.

Too much of the care plan rests on the shoulders of patients, who are already overwhelmed, who have little interaction with and exposure to their team between visits and little ownership over their care. Disparate sources meant to help patients, like reminder apps only solve part of the issue and tend to only add more layers of more things to remember further complicating lives. How can patients consistently stick to the plan? How can they be on top of their health and feel seen? How can they readily and reliably have access to their doctors? How can their team intervene at a moment's notice if something goes wrong?

On the care team side, it was evident that once patients leave the controlled trial and go out into the real world, no one had any clue if patients were taking their drugs as prescribed and at what level the care plan was adhered to. Natan and Mark knew this disconnect also had huge economic and clinical costs. This led to an epiphany - develop a device that reported in real time, how patients took their medication but also precisely dispensed the very same drug, and allowed for communication and immediate intervention of the care plan, if necessary.

As luck would have it, Natan’s father, Alan is an electrical engineer and he built a prototype that now has 5 patents. Mark and Natan sell ThreeWire, and with Alan start Dosentrx, bringing this all-in-one device, the ReX to light.  

Dosentrx is much more than the ReX, it is an extension of Mark and Natan’s commitment to making patient’s lives better and delivering solutions that drive innovation in remote specialty pharmaceutical care.

The Team

Passionately building innovative companies that disrupt the way healthcare is delivered. Our secret sauce? Empathy for each and every person involved in a patient’s treatment plan.

Mark Summers

Mark Summers

Executive Chairman

Veteran entrepreneur and founder of ThreeWire, a pharmaceutical services company he grew to 500 employees and sold to a leading global clinical research services firm. Previously a senior executive at Spine-Tech, a pre-revenue stage medical device company that had the largest medical device IPO in history at the time.

“Having served on Dosentrx’s Board since 2016 I knew the company had all of the elements for success: a next generation device that addresses a huge and costly problem with patient care, undisputed and objectively measurable cost savings for health systems, and most of all a world-class team."

Natan Paz

Natan Paz

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Natan cofounded the European subsidiary of ThreeWire, scaling the business to over 40 countries. Following the acquisition of ThreeWire, served as General Manager of the Europe region for WCG, a global leader in clinical trial services.

“Managing dozens of clinical trials, I noticed we over-burden patients, put them at risk, and make decisions based on unreliable data. I cofounded Dosentrx to improve the patient experience and safety, while generating reliable data that informs clinical decisions.”

Alan Paz

Alan Paz

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder

An inventor entrepreneur who holds over 20 patents, Alan invented, designed, and developed the ReX platform. Alan also developed a medical device business which was sold to Baxter.

“My passion is to mobilize the disciplines of physics, mechanics, plastics, electronics, and software to create complex devices that are easy to use, easy to manufacture, and inexpensive to produce.”

Marcelle Kaspi

Marcelle Kaspi

Vice President Product Management & Experience Design

Marcelle believes that the nexus point of highly analytical thinking and human-centered design, is the secret sauce to innovation. Marcelle has worked in high-tech since 2006, focusing the last 10-years on product design and leadership of complex systems in the MedTech and DevTech space.

“Patient-centric design must play a crucial role in the digitization of healthcare. No one wants to be sick, but if they are, navigating their therapies shouldn’t be an additional burden. Design and technology can make it happen.”

Marcelle Kaspi

Kristopher Fuhr

Vice President, Business Development

Originally a structural engineer, Kris changed careers to follow his passion of directly helping people while fostering business growth. Kris has held roles of increasing responsibility including management and corporate strategy in the pharmaceutical industry at Shionogi, the medical device industry at Hologic, and most recently in the life science industry at WCG.

“Dosentrx is the epitome of helping people. We help sick patients get better. We help physicians provide better care with less effort. Most uniquely, we help industry deliver upon their commercial objectives while simultaneously decreasing costs for health insurers. I’m thrilled to be involved with a solution where each stakeholder benefits.”

Chen Shapira

Prof. Chen Shapira, MD.

Chief Medical Advisor

A cardiologist by training, Chen’s passion for practicing medicine to improve peoples’ lives led her to roles including CEO of a hospital and an HMO. Chen also served on the boards of the Israeli Hospital Directors Society and the Auditing Committee of the Israel Medical Association.

“It’s a dream come true to know in real time how your patient is reacting to the treatment that you prescribed, to be able to intervene quickly, and to know that he really took his medication.”

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