Our story

Dosentrx started with a goal to improve medication adherence and compliance, a passion for technology, and an idea that grew from the past 30-plus years of experience in healthcare and technology.

The team’s concern about the economic and clinical costs of patients not taking their medications as prescribed led to the idea to create a device that would make it easy for patients to take their medication and follow their care plan.

Their singular, focused commitment has allowed them to bring to market the only medication management platform that orally administers medication and delivers real-time insights as to why a patient isn’t compliant.

Today, the team’s shared passion is to deliver solutions that measure value for their stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Through leaderships’ partnering strategy, the company looks to share its success.


Our Team

Our leadership team is passionate about building innovative companies that disrupt the way healthcare is delivered.

Mark Summers Chief Executive Officer

Veteran entrepreneur and founder of ThreeWire, a pharmaceutical services company he grew to 500 employees and sold to a leading global clinical research services firm. Previously a senior executive at Spine-Tech, a pre-revenue stage medical device company that had the largest medical device IPO in history at the time.

“Having served on Dosentrx’s Board since 2016 I knew the company had all of the elements for success: a next generation device that addresses a huge and costly problem with patient care, undisputed and objectively measurable cost savings for health systems, and most of all a world-class team. Therefore, when the Board asked if I would take on the CEO role, I couldn’t say no.”

Natan Paz Chief Operating Officer, Cofounder

Natan cofounded the European subsidiary of ThreeWire, scaling the business to over 40 countries. Following the acquisition of ThreeWire, served as General Manager of the Europe region for WGC, a global leader in clinical trial services.

“Managing dozens of clinical trials, I noticed we over-burden patients, put them at risk, and make decisions based on unreliable data. I cofounded Dosentrx to improve the patient experience and safety, while generating reliable data that informs clinical decisions.”

Alan Paz Chief Technical Officer, Cofounder

An inventor entrepreneur who holds over 20 patents, Alan invented, designed, and developed the Rex™ platform. Alan also developed a medical device business which was sold to Baxter.

“My passion is to mobilize the disciplines of physics, mechanics, plastics, electronics, and software to create complex devices that are easy to use, easy to manufacture, and inexpensive to produce.”

Chen Shapira M.D., Chief Medical Officer

A cardiologist by training, Chen’s passion for practicing medicine to improve peoples’ lives led her to roles including CEO of a hospital and an HMO. Chen also served on the boards of the Israeli Hospital Directors Society and the Auditing Committee of the Israel Medical Association.

“It’s a dream come true to know in real time how your patient is reacting to the treatment that you prescribed, to be able to intervene quickly, and to know that he really took his medication.”