The Rex platform includes:

A smart device that:
  • facilitates virtual communication between a patient and their clinician
  • dispenses medication directly into the patient’s mouth at the prescribed time

A web application enabling pharmacists and clinicians to proactively manage their patients using the Rex device

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How the Rex platform works

Rex makes it easy for pharmacists to create real-time, adaptive personalized care plans and for patients to follow their specific plans.

  • Patient care plan is created
  • Rex with plan and medication is delivered
  • Medication is administered
  • Patient engages with care plan
  • Real-time results are delivered

Meaningful results

  • Improved patient engagement, satisfaction, and health
  • Increased adherence and compliance to care plans
  • Appropriate medication utilization
  • Reduced costs of nonadherence, including ER visits and hospital admissions

“I’m not willing to take my medication without Rex!”

Shirley E.