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Obstacles can handicap the medical care team making intervention inefficient, ineffective and costly. ReX is the only medication wrapped in a digital therapy platform.


Patient reported adherence can be unreliable

Patients with chronic disease are overwhelmed and even the simple act of taking medication as prescribed can prove difficult.

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Precise administering of oral medication plus data capture

Oral medication is dispensed directly into the patients mouth- the right dose, at the right time. ReX reports the data.

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Monitoring and Intervention

Care teams lack validity on how treatment plans are followed, this impedes appropriate intervention

There is no dependable data backed evidence on treatment, drug efficacy or possibly side effects once monitoring is left to the patient alone.

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Immediate real-time data collection empowers care teams with certainty to intervene, when necessary

While actively engaged in their care, patients submit customized feedback. Dependable, drug specific data is sent to care teams that can immediately modify plans and communicate updates directly through the device.

Monitoring and Intervention
Therapy manager - Data driven insights


Tends to diminish over time when left to the patient alone

Over time, patients with chronic disease find it hard to stay continually engaged and on top of their treatment, especially when they don’t feel well, don’t have enough support and every day blurs into the next one.

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Consistent virtual communication, support and care

All-in-one remote care facilitates confidence, trust, ownership and greater patient adoption. Patients stick to their plan when they know their medication is taken correctly, they are given tools to actively own their treatment and are able to communicate with their team.

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